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Located some ten kilometers toward the south of Atlanta City, Hartsfield International Airport (IATA: ATL, ICAO: KATL and FAA LID: ATL) has continuously enjoyed the tag of being the busiest international airport in the world by passenger traffic since 1998. Locally referred to as Atlanta Airport, Hartsfield or simply as Hartsfield, the airport serves over 250,000 passengers on a daily basis in terms of arrivals and departures. The airport serves as the main hub of Delta Airlines, ExpressJet and AirTrans Airways. It provides international flights to and from Central America, Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and North America. The airport actually serves as the international gate way to the USA.
In addition to quick and efficient connection with Atlanta City by road and rail, passengers departing from or arriving at the airport have easy access to designated terminals and fast service. The airport indeed has over two hundred domestic and international gates. Located toward the west of the airport is the Domestic Terminal that features Terminal North and Terminal South on either side.
At the center of the terminal is a building housing Atrium (a large open seating area), conference rooms, a bank, a chapel and offices. International Terminal is located toward the east of the airport. The airport features seven parallel concourse buildings used by boarding passengers. The first concourse (Concourse T) is connected to Domestic Terminal. While Concourses T, A, B, C and D are reserves for use by domestic passengers, Concourses E and F are strictly for use by internal passengers. An underground Transport Mall connects all the concourses right from the main terminal.
In addition to the airport’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MARTA) rail service station that serves both departing and arriving passengers, the airport is also served by buses, shuttles and rental cars. The airport indeed boasts of a dedicated Rental Car Center Parkway located a few minutes drive from the airport. Passengers travelling with pets also have access to two designated pet areas; a 1,000 sq. ft fenced park in Terminal South and a second one in Terminal North. Passengers in need of accommodation also have easy access to hotel rooms both in Atlanta City and within the airport’s neighbourhood.