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Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport (USA)

Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport (IATA: PHX, ICAO: KPHX and FAA LID: PHX) is the largest airport in Southwest America, commercially speaking. Its location lies about 5 km southeast of Phoenix City in Arizona. The airport serves slightly over 40 million travelers annually and ranks 10th as the busiest airport in the USA. It serves as the regional hub of US Airways, US Airways and Southwest Airlines. It is actually a major gateway to both Mexico and Hawaii.
The airport features 120 aircraft gates on Terminal 2, 3 and 4. There is no Terminal 1 since the same was closed down. Terminal 2 features nine gates and three parking slots. The terminal also features a Military and Veterans Hospitality Room. With 880,000 sq ft. floor space, Terminal 3 features 17 gates that lead to two concourses. Plans are underway to combine Terminals 2 and 3 in one of the major projects witnessed at the airport.
A satellite terminal, Terminal 4 was opened in 1990 and features more than 90 gates. The terminal is divided into seven concourses. Three concourses are reserved for use by American Airlines, American Eagle and US Airways. Concourse B is specifically reserved for all in-coming international flights. Airlines served include Aeromexico Connect, Air Canada, British Airways, Volaris, Westjet and US Airways Express among other airlines. Most of the gates are however used by Southwest Airlines, which is the airport’s biggest carrier.
Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport is one of a few airports that serve both commercial and military interests. The airport is also home to Sky Harbour Air National Guard that operates from the airport’s southern part.
The easiest and most efficient way of accessing the airport is by use of Phoenix Sky Train, an automatic mass-mover that ferries intending travelers from both 44th Street and Washington Light Rail Station to the airport’s Economy Parking lot on the east of the airport before proceeding to all the four terminals. Ground transportation within the airport is by use of a 24-hour free shuttle bus that also links all the four terminals and Economy parking lot on the west of the airport.